Awning accessories, several forms of shade

- Apr 30, 2019-

Outdoor sunshade products can not only shade, heat and rain, but also enrich the facade effect of the building and beautify the building to change the image. There are many methods for shading, hanging curtains in the window, using the shading of the door and window members and the opening method of the sash to adjust the changes. The greening, the awning, the provocation, the balcony, the veranda and the wall grate can also be achieved by using the window. Shading effect.


(1) Horizontal shading. The horizontal sunshade is generally placed above the window and can block the sunlight from the window above the sun's elevation angle. It is suitable for windows that are slightly east or west facing south and south. The horizontal visor can be a solid plate, a grid plate, a louver or the like.

(2) Vertical shading. Vertical sunshades are generally placed on both sides of the window, which can block the sunlight from the sides of the window with a small solar elevation angle. It is suitable for the south or north window of the east-west. Depending on the direction of the light and the specific treatment, the vertical awning can be perpendicular to the wall or form an angle with the wall.

(3) Integrated shading. The integrated sunshade includes horizontal sunshade and vertical sunshade. It is effective for sunlight with a small sun angle and obliquely from the window side. It is suitable for south, southeast and southwest facing windows.

(4) The baffle is shaded. A awning that leaves the window in front of the window at a distance or perpendicular to the window. It can effectively block the sunlight of the orthographic window with a small sun height, and is suitable for windows facing east, west and nearby. In order to avoid affecting ventilation and lighting effects, grille, plate or louvered baffles can be used.

(5) Smart baffle. The traditional shading method can only play part of the shading, and can not achieve the effect of completely shading at any time. With the close integration of the building and equipment system and intelligent control, the new automatic sensation shading louver realizes the leap of true artificial intelligence, and Can save 35% of energy.