How long is the life of the awning?

- Apr 25, 2019-

In general, the life of the awning is about a decade. As we all know, awnings are generally used for outdoor products. They are used to block sunlight. Because the sunlight intensity is different in many places and varies from season to season, the service life of awnings cannot be generalized. If an awning is used all year round, the life of the awning will definitely be shortened, but if you use and maintain the awning correctly, and the awning product itself is qualified, then the awning can use about 5 -7 years.

The correctness of the way of use and maintenance habits is greatly related to the life of the awning. Some people use the awning to cover the rain during the use of the awning; when the awning is still wet, it is collected; the awning is not cleaned up in time; the awning is not closed in the windy weather, etc. The wrong way of using it brings a lot of damage to the awning. Even if it is a good quality awning, if it is not used correctly, its life will not be very long.