How to clean large-scale push-pull canopy outdoors?

- Apr 01, 2019-

1. Regularly remove dust with a soft brush while the push-pull canopy is dry.

2. Leaves, branches and other similar objects should be cleaned up in time.

3. If there is a small stain on the outdoor awning canopy cloth, use a soft brush with a common cleaning agent to lightly brush, then apply water several times to rinse until there is no residual detergent on the fabric, and dry it.

4. How to clean the telescopic awning and other components? For the shelves on the awning, galvanized steel pipes are used, and the components are not acidic (such as hydrogen chloride) or abrasive materials (such as abrasive pads, emery paper, latex, etc.), which can damage the surface, galvanized steel pipe frame. It should be treated with extra care in the cleaning, usually with a soft cloth and detergent. Also note that the cleaner used in galvanized steel pipes does not touch the awning.

5. The tarpaulin is brushed with soft brush and rinsed with water.