How to maintain the awning in rainy weather

- Apr 05, 2019-

The main function of the awning is the user's sunshade. In the summer, the rainy weather is also more. For the awning, we need to do the maintenance work in the rainy day.

1. What should we do to maintain a shelter during the rainy season? The awning can only be stowed after being cleaned and dried. When the canopy is wet and has to be withdrawn, it is recommended that it should be fully opened and dry. If the weather is fine, the umbrella should be open when the weather is fine, so that the tarpaulin will naturally dry and then close the mechanism.


2. When should I clean the awning? It depends largely on the environment (traffic density, air pollution, industrial pollution, etc.). The cleaning requirements are as follows:

(1) In a cool and dry condition, periodically remove dust with a soft brush.

(2) Branches, leaves and other similar items should be cleaned up in a timely manner.

(3) If there is a small piece of dirt on the clothes, gently scrub with a normal washing powder soft brush, then rinse with plenty of water until there is no residual detergent on the fabric and open it to dry.


3. How to clean other parts? For parts made of high-grade aluminum alloy on the awning, you should not use acidic or abrasive materials (such as sandpaper, sandpaper, sandpaper, pumice, etc.) that can damage the surface. Special care must be taken when cleaning aluminum frames. Soft cloth and detergent are usually used. Please also note that detergents used in high-grade aluminum alloys should not come into contact with the awning fabric.