Practical application of awning and sunshade

- Apr 20, 2019-

The canopy is a horizontal component that is selected from the upper part of the entrance and exit of the door or window. The canopy also has the function of shading. For example, in the west facade of the building, when the window is opened more, in order to avoid the summer sun effect, the horizontal component is commonly used to shield the sun. As a main function. There are also many types of canopies, such as telescopic canopies, car awnings, outdoor awnings, etc.

We usually say that the sun visor can be made not only as a horizontal member (canopy), but also as a vertical member (vertical plate), placed on one side of the window opening, or both, and a larger scale sunshade. The louver can also be understood as a sun visor.

The shading function of the building has not received enough attention before and the form is relatively simple. With the deepening of research on building energy conservation, shading has become more and more important as an important measure of building energy conservation. The form is also more diversified. In addition to fixed sun visors and sunshade louvers, there are also movable and retractable sunshades. Curtains, awnings, etc.

The application of sunshade has been in Europe for decades. In Europe, whether it is a hundred years old or a modern building, the application of sunshade is everywhere. This is a concrete manifestation of building energy efficiency in Europe. The function of the sunshade is not only "shading", "energy saving", but also the functions of dustproof, sound insulation, protection, and obstructing the line of sight, so that the quality of the building can be improved.

The visor and the canopy are mainly distinguished according to the function. The visor is generally flat, the main function is the sunshade; the canopy has more functions, can be used for sunshade, can also be used for rain protection, and can also be used for advertising. For example, you can print on the canopy and print LOGO. The shape of the canopy is relatively large, and there are many planes, such as watermelon type and trapezoidal shape.