Several common fabrics for outdoor awnings

- Apr 20, 2019-

Outdoor awnings can now be seen in public places such as schools, shopping malls and cafes. Similarly, with the improvement of the standard of living and taste, outdoor awnings are also used in some private gardens or open-air balconies. So, in the face of a wide variety of products, what type of choice is the most appropriate? We can first understand from its several common fabrics.

1, flame retardant shade cloth

This is the most common and cost-effective fabric for outdoor awnings. The awning made of flame-retardant sunshade can be literally known. Its core function and advantages are flame retardant effects, which have different fire-fighting significance. Therefore, in some public places to use outdoor awnings, especially in schools, parks and other areas, the choice of this material is the best. At the same time, the shading effect of the flame-retardant shade cloth can also be achieved well, and both shading and flame retardant can be satisfied.

2, embossed shade cloth

The affordable outdoor awning made from this fabric is more aesthetically pleasing. Mainly through the special machine to emboss, you can appear a variety of pattern effects to meet a variety of decorative styles. There is no such thing as being incompatible with the ontology environment for such an effect, satisfying the customer's dual requirements for aesthetics and practicality.

3, silver coated sunshade

This is a composite fabric that is dyed on the base fabric. The process is relatively complicated, but the shading effect is outstanding, and the experiment can achieve a perfect shading effect. For customers with strict opacity requirements, the outdoor awning made of this fabric can be selected with confidence.