The benefit of a louvered pergola

- Jun 21, 2019-

The advantage of a louvered pergola is that you can change the roofing to let more light  in or provide more shade thanks to the retractable mechanisms. An adjustable pergola  system on your patio maximises your outdoor living experience all the time. A louvered pergola roof not only provides cool shade in summer but also lets in sunlight in winter, making it a highly flexible and functional addition to your patio.


Louvered pergola  is a relatively new product to the Canadian market. Components for this system are manufactured in China by Toscana. Standard configuration comes with 4 posts, integrated pole supports and rain gutters along all sides. When the louvers are closed, gutters catch the rain and make it drain directly into vertical posts. Multiple modules can be coupled together along the width or projection to achieve greater coverage.


ZIP screens can be integrated into the frame between 2 posts. All screens are operated with motors and completed with screen fabric.


LED lighting can be incorporated into the frame and louveres.


Now that your patio is ready, it’s time to add the finishing touches. Introduce a new deck to the patio as well as carefully-selected outdoor furniture. Consider outdoor blinds, soft furnishings and plants to complete your outdoor room.