Type of awning material

- Apr 05, 2019-

Currently, there are mainly the following awning materials on the market:

1: sun visor

The sun visor has the characteristics of transparency, good light quality, impact resistance, sound insulation, heat insulation, non-flammability and anti-aging. It is a high-tech, comprehensive performance, energy-saving and environmentally friendly plastic sheet, which is currently widely used in plastic building materials internationally.

2: Endurance board awning

The material of the garage tent. Endurance board: good light transmission performance. It does not have the characteristics of weather resistance, impact resistance, flame retardancy, low temperature resistance, light resistance and sound insulation.

3: Membrane structure awning

The structure of the awning material of the membrane is a membrane structure awning, the membrane material, the biggest feature is high strength, good durability, flame retardant, good cleanability, no UV radiation, long service life, generally 15-30 years old. The light transmittance is high, the light transmittance is 13%, the heat of reflection is 73%, and the heat can absorb some.

4: color steel awning

The slab of the color steel plate has a simple structure and is suitable for different types of pipes and color plates of the awning top plate. Due to the collapse of the blizzard, colored boards of various colors, light weight, reduced weather and risk. Splicing installation to avoid leakage. Suitable for schools, sports venues.

5: Aluminum awning

The polycarbonate sheet is made of edited polycarbonate sheet with good light transmission and light transmittance of 88%. It is exposed to sunlight for a long time and will not yellow or atomize. The surface has a coextruded UV resistant layer to prevent yellowing of the resin caused by solar ultraviolet light. The impact strength is 250-300 times that of ordinary glass, 20-30 times that of acrylic sheet, twice that of tempered glass, and there is almost no risk of breakage. The quality is stable, the quality is not good, the weight is light, the relocation and transportation is very convenient, and there is no potential danger of heavy material breaking.