What are the advantages of a retractable awning?

- Apr 15, 2019-

The retractable awnings that can be seen everywhere play a central role in life as a sunshade device, and are widely used in daily life in the hot summer sun. And the excellent telescopic awning is rich in features and versatile. Not only can it effectively block most of the ultraviolet radiation, but it also has the special effect of blocking strong wind and rain and sand. So what are the special advantages of the excellent retractable sunshade that integrates thousands of functions?

The first advantage: able to cover the hot sun in all directions

Sunshade is the most important function of high-quality retractable awnings, so a qualified retractable awning must be able to completely block the strong radiation from strong ultraviolet rays, so as to greatly reduce the indoor temperature and greatly reduce the air conditioning load. The flexible and flexible structure allows the user to adjust the shade area according to his own needs, and fully shields the sun from the ideal shade.

The second advantage: can block strong UV rays to a large extent

The Shenyang telescopic awnings with excellent quality and performance can be customized to produce a variety of special telescopic awning awnings according to the changing environment. The special manufacturing method enables the light to enter the room in a different way, so that the light in the room is sufficient but not dazzling. It not only protects the human skin from the invisible strong UV rays, but also ensures that the interior furniture and furnishings are effectively used for a long time.

The third advantage: a very intimate and user-friendly design

The design of the new telescopic awning awning has a variety of colors and colors to meet the psychological needs of people. There are also various control modes such as switch, remote control and wind control to adapt to different occasions. And the use of high-end materials, high-grade anti-corrosion, high temperature and high strength. Well-known telescopic awning parts suppliers have telescopic sheds of different sizes and colors. The installation diagram is simple and simple. The simple process of the tool can be completed quickly by one person.