What are the color selection techniques for awnings?

- Apr 10, 2019-

The first skill is to choose dark colors for outdoor sunshade.

Dark fabrics generally have a good outward perspective, and shades of dark-toned fabrics give the user a clearer view of the window. And for outdoor shades, dark fabrics are definitely a better choice. Compared with light-colored fabrics, the use of dark sunshades can save energy consumption. Because dark colors can absorb most of the sun's heat, they can also retain heat or re-distribute outdoors without causing light pollution. .

The second technique is to choose light or two-color for indoor sunshade.

The light-colored fabric sunshade is more suitable for indoor use, and it can reflect heat more effectively. Only a small part will enter the room, so the interior is suitable for light-colored and decorative sunshade. The two-color sunshade combines the advantages of both dark and light fabrics, not only for better control of the brightness of the incoming light, but also for good decorativeness.

The third skill is that you can use it in different environments.

The choice of sunshade is different for different living rooms and can be used alone or in combination. In the hotel lobby, the living room of the home and the high-grade office building, it is more suitable for the simple style that is used alone, while the bedroom of the home or the small space with strong personalization is more suitable for use.

In general, the color of the sunshade is recommended. Please refer to the above tips. Using the above-mentioned color selection techniques, whether it is indoors or outdoors, the sunshade can guarantee the quality of the sunshade, so that it can add more excellent quality to people's lives.