What are the requirements for installing the awning?

- Apr 10, 2019-

According to a large number of research data, telescopic awnings and electric retractable awnings are widely used in many places such as sunlight, convenience stores and rooftops. The awning function has been fully developed and promoted, but not all places or areas meet the corresponding installation conditions. So what are the basic requirements for the installation location of the awning?

1. High-rise buildings are not suitable for installation

Some people think that the higher the awning is installed, the better it will work. However, experienced installation technicians advise people not to install awnings in high-rise buildings. Because the location is higher, the convection in the air and the strong winds will be more powerful, and they will likely damage the installed awnings, so people who want to install awnings on the upper floors need to be carefully considered.

2. Low-rise building door window is more suitable for installation

Many people have found through comparison that low-rise building door windows are more suitable for installing awnings than high-rise buildings. Installation of awnings at these locations can isolate glare from the sun and ultraviolet rays, while leaving the indoor environment in a warm, sunny bath. In the summer when the temperature is difficult to reduce, the temperature in the room can be lowered, thereby greatly reducing the consumption of air conditioning energy.

3. Multi-layer building door window is more suitable for installation

Data studies have found that the number of people installing awnings in multi-storey building door windows is still very high. Install a beautiful and practical awning between the floor and the floor. In addition to the windshield, rain and UV protection, it will also play a special protective role at certain times. For example, the falling objects on the upper floor will fall on the awning. You can prevent items from falling onto people and avoid human injuries that may result from them.

The installation location of the awning varies with the height of the floor. Always follow the correct method of installing the retractable canopy awning during installation. The basic requirements for the installation location are not suitable for high-rise buildings. The low-rise building door window and the multi-storey building door window should be installed with the appropriate awning as much as possible because it protects the human body, protects the interior furniture, and protects the interior decoration. The aspect has very high reliability.