Awning Accessories Material Selection

- Apr 30, 2019-

The awning fabrics are generally polyester (cheap), and then a waterproof coating is applied to ensure no water leakage on rainy days.

1. The awning is suitable for sunshade outside the door window of low-rise and multi-storey buildings. Not suitable for use outside the high-rise building

2. The material, thickness, size and form of the sunshade material, the form and specifications of the fixing device, the power of the motor (when electric is used), and the magnitude of the wind pressure at the place of use are related to each other. , obtain relevant technical information from professional manufacturers, select after comprehensive consideration

3. The connection between the shading system and the building main body, lightning protection measures, etc. involve safety issues, and the engineering designer must work with the professional manufacturer to determine and be responsible for the project according to the specific project conditions.

4. If you choose a shading system with a roller blind box, you should consider the effect of different positions of the roller blind box on the wall energy saving.

5. For systems equipped with automatic control, it is generally required to install wind control and rain control sensing devices, and light control can be selected according to specific conditions. Manual driving is generally not suitable for external shading in unmanned places.

6, The fabric is recommended to use dark (or the dark side of the fabric facing the outside), in order to achieve better shading effect

7, Fabric types: polyester coated fabric, fiberglass coated fabric