Awning Requirements For Fabrics

- Apr 20, 2019-

The awning can often be seen in our lives. It has the function of shading, blocking ultraviolet rays and reducing air conditioning load.

1. The awning fabric should ensure a constant scale and no deformation.

2. The awning fabric has a flat and smooth appearance, ensuring that the winding is free and avoids the phenomenon that the fabric runs off, wrinkles or unwinding.

3. The awning fabric should have satisfactory tensile and tear strength to avoid the risk of tearing in harsh weather conditions.

4. The connection between the awning fabrics should be selected by the technique of hinge welding to ensure the fabric has a satisfactory strength.

5. The awning fabric should ensure excellent color stability.

6. The appearance of the awning fabric should have a certain anti-pollution function, and it is easy to clean and the protection is simple and convenient.