Customized Awnings Should Pay Attention To What

- Apr 01, 2019-

First, choose the appropriate color: the color of the product and the external protection performance is directly related, the same product, the darker the color, the better the UV resistance, so try to choose a darker awning.

Second, the customized outdoor awning should have the characteristics of anti-ultraviolet rays. There are many awnings on the market, but some manufacturers shoddy for their own interests, and will raise the price to buy, so that consumers believe it is true. Therefore, it is critical to choose a reliable and regular manufacturer before customization to ensure the quality of the product. In addition, you must also learn to identify the quality of some tarpaulins. If the tarpaulin's textile is relatively sparse, it means that it is a poor quality product.

Third, determine the product's protection level: anti-UV products need to meet the corresponding standards, in the customization, it is best to first understand the protection level with the manufacturer, so as to choose the most suitable product according to their actual situation.