Flower Pergola Application

- Apr 25, 2019-

The flower stand can be applied to various types of garden green space, often set in beautiful places for rest and point scenery, or combined with pavilions, galleryes, otters, etc. to form a beautiful landscaped garden building group; green areas and children in residential areas The flower stand in the game field can be used for rest, shading and cool; the flower stand can be used to replace the porch, and the space can be contacted; the vine can be used to separate the scenery; the tea room, the cold drink department, the restaurant, etc. in the garden can also be used as a pergola. Set the seat; you can also use the flower stand as the gate of the garden.

The form of the flower stand is: gallery flower stand. The most common form, the plate is supported on the left and right beams and columns, and visitors can rest inside. Sliced flower stand. The plate is embedded in the unidirectional beam and column, cantilevered on both sides or one side, and the shape is light and lively. Freestanding flower stand. The various materials are used as spaces to form the shape of a wall plaque, a vase, an umbrella pavilion, etc., and are woven with vines for viewing.