Flower Pergola Introduction

- Apr 25, 2019-

A rigid frame is used to form a frame of a certain shape for climbing gardens, also known as scaffolding and pergola. The flower stand can be used for shady rest and can be decorated with garden views. The flower stand is designed to understand the origin and growth habits of the plants being planted in order to create conditions and styling that are suitable for plant growth.

The current flower stand has two functions. On the one hand, people can rest and enjoy the scenery; on the other hand, create conditions for climbing plants to grow. Therefore, it can be said that the flower stand is a garden piece that is closer to nature. Common building materials for flower stands are:

1 Bamboo wood: simple, natural, inexpensive, easy to process, but poor durability. Bamboo is limited to strength and section size, and the spacing between beams and columns should not be too large.

2 Reinforced concrete: It can be poured into various shapes according to design requirements. The flower stand can also be made into prefabricated components. It can be installed on site, flexible and durable, and durable. It is widely used.