How To Distinguish The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Awnings?

- Apr 10, 2019-

There are many application scenarios for awnings, such as resorts, outdoor tea shops, restaurants, etc., which require high-quality awnings to protect the wind and rain. Therefore, the quality requirements of people's awnings have also increased day by day. As the market continues to present brands and awnings that can be selected by customers, how can consumers identify awnings with reliable quality and performance?

First, look at the material

To distinguish the quality of the awning, you can first check the material and performance of the textile fabric, such as the tightness, thickness, toughness and light transmission of the textile. If the material of the awning has good performance, it has a very good Good light transmission and aging resistance, etc., naturally means that the time and effect of the awning can be more reliable.

Second, look at work

The quality of the awning can also be confirmed by its workmanship details and overall structural design. This is because the processing details of the awning often determine its use effect, such as the connection between the seam and the skeleton, the corner treatment of the fabric, the shrinking convenience of the structural design and the drainage effect are directly reflected in it. Work situation. Well-made awnings are naturally good in all respects and have a good experience.

Third, see the instructions

To identify the reliability of the awning, you can also confirm the information according to its specific instructions. The instructions for the awning will not only provide detailed information on the materials used and the related physical properties, but also explain how to install and use the electric awning, etc., so understand the information. And verification can also lead to preliminary conclusions.