Principle Of Retractable Awning

- Apr 05, 2019-

1. The curved arm adopts the all-aluminum skeletal structure inner hanging spring design. The manual or electric stretching arm spring is used to fold the awning surface, and the elastic force of the curved arm is used to open and extend the awning. When the flat arm is moving, the two armes should be between 20° and 160°, and the arm of the leader bar and the leader bar are pushed perpendicularly, so that the awning fabric is tensioned. The aluminum alloy frame is light and firm in structure, and the surface is anodized and sprayed, and the appearance is smooth, long-lasting, bright and corrosion-resistant.

2, fabric, polyester fiber fabric plus color paste dyeing process, fabric color, pattern, rich style, according to user preferences, because polyester fiber fabric using color spinning for this weather color fastness is very good, can reach 7- Grade 8, in the case of good air environment conditions can be used for five years without fading, high fabric density and waterproof performance, excellent quality fabric water resistance should be greater than 350mm hydrostatic water column.

3, the overall structure, performance, the overall structure is reflected in the resistance to water load, operational wind resistance and mechanical durability.

4, the drive system, there is a manual crank rocker or tubular motor drive, generally more than 5 meters should choose tubular motor drive, when using electric control in the area of possible power failure, to prevent wind can not be closed, you need to choose manual electric dual-use tubular The motor can use the crank crank lever to retract the awning when the power is off, to avoid damage. The larger the size of the awning in the use of the motor, the greater the corresponding torque of the motor.

5, the control system (for customer choice) generally uses remote control electric and rocker manual control two categories, electric control can also be installed control panel or wind and rain sensors, so that it achieves the effect of automatic retractable