What Are The Advantages Of Awning Accessories?

- Apr 25, 2019-

Everyone who needs to buy awning accessories wants to buy a genuine high-quality awning product. The five conditions that a real high-quality awning must meet, we can refer to these conditions when purchasing.

(1) The bracket material must be firm: the firm awning must first be secured by a solid material, and each link of the support rod, transmission rod, and folding arm is extremely important. When selecting materials, it is advisable to use high-quality stainless steel materials, including screws, which must be strong in torsion resistance. The exposed parts of the folding arms must also have anti-corrosion coating.

(2) The shade cloth should be tough and durable: the shade cloth should be flexible, strong and durable. However, the shade cloth made of polypropylene acrylic fiber is the most suitable, not easy to break or get out of the bracket, and the color fastness is strong, even if it is windy and snowy. Baptism is not easy to fade

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(3) It must have an overall structure to effectively relieve the pressure: rain and snow weather will have a strong pressure on the awning. If there is no structure to relieve the pressure, even a firm awning can not withstand the test of time, so blind pursuit The seal is not good either. An awning with a rain gutter can be used, so that there is no need to be afraid of rain, and it can be effectively drained when the snow melts.

(4) It is necessary to have a flexible overall design: the ideal awning should be able to stretch over a large area in the hot summer, which can effectively prevent direct sunlight from entering the house; in the cold winter, it can shrink to the smallest and tightest state, Good protection "self". Therefore, this also puts forward requirements for the overall design. It is recommended to use an external pneumatic rod with strong crank arm technology, which can easily complete the telescopic process, and the telescopic range is large, and the "flexible energy extension" is truly achieved.

(5) There must be a tilt angle that can be flexibly rotated: if the tilt angle of the awning accessory is small, the summer sun can be effectively blocked because the summer sun angle is large. However, the smaller the inclination angle, the worse the pressure resistance is, and it is not suitable for use in the rain and snow season. Therefore, it is best to use an awning with an adjustable tilt angle to suit various weather conditions.