What Are The Main Points Of Maintenance And Maintenance Of The Awning

- Apr 20, 2019-

In the process of using the Hangzhou awning, in order to be able to use it for a longer period of time and to extend its service life, some small methods and measures are needed to maintain and maintain the various parts of the Hangzhou awning, and it should be planned. this work.

What are the main points for maintenance and maintenance of the awning?

First, it should be cleaned regularly

Because the surface of the awning material in Hangzhou uses a special protective film, do not use ordinary cleaning agents at the time of cleaning to avoid damaging the protective layer on the surface. Professional cleaners should be used for this work. Hangzhou awning shed manufacturer introduction From the experience point of view, professional cleaning agents should be used for cleaning work, because many times improper cleaning will damage the surface and cause corrosion, so be sure to follow the specifications.

Second, the annual rainy season and winter should be protected

As the season changes, I use the rainy season or the cold winter season. Hangzhou awning manufacturers emphasize that it is necessary to check and clean the surface of the awning in Hangzhou to keep the drainage system smooth. Hangzhou awning manufacturers show that if the snow is relatively large in winter, you should also install a device for snow melting. You should try to remove the water after rainy days or after the snow melts.

Third, to install safety measures such as anti-drop net

Sometimes it may be slippery when the Hangzhou sunshade is not being maintained. In order to prevent people from slipping and hurting, it is necessary to install safety measures such as anti-drop nets in the corresponding positions. In this way, even if it slips accidentally, it will not fall. Hangzhou awning manufacturers emphasize that it is even more necessary for large-scale Hangzhou to do these related tasks in order to achieve foolproof.