Why Awnings Are UV Resistant

- Apr 25, 2019-

The principle of UV protection is primarily to reduce its transmission so that the UV light is reflected or absorbed as much as possible. There are two main ways to do this. The first is to make it reflect or scatter. In the meantime, there are two conditions, one is metallized film, which is attributed to mirror reflection and regular reflection; and a kind of pearlescent cloth, such as some awning sheds, can scatter ultraviolet rays in the direction of reflection. The second method is to incorporate UV-absorbing data into the interior of the fabric fiber, or to finish the fabric after the fabric is finished, and enter some UV-absorbing materials, such as nano-scale zinc oxide or titanium dioxide.

The awning shed is the key to the UV protection of the awning. At this time, the anti-ultraviolet shed surface is mostly made of nylon or polyester fabric, which is formed by anti-ultraviolet processing. The shed surface is called silver tape, gold tape, pearl glue and so on. From the experimental role, silver plastic shed surface protection is the best. Pay attention to the quality of the awning shed when purchasing the anti-UV shed.