Aluminum Wall Bracket for Awning

Greenawn produce different kinds of wall bracket for awning and other brackets. There are aluminum wall brackets for awning such as wall mounted brackets and ceiling mounted brackets.
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When you enjoy life under the awning in the yard, you need to worry about whether your wall mounting bracket is durable. If you can ensure that your awning stand is strong, reliable, and capable of performing tasks, you can reduce your worries and relax more. The Greenawn brand aluminum wall bracket for awnings are suitable for retractable awnings and ensure that your awnings are safe and reliable. Many people have open-air courtyards, but there is no good place to install awnings on the walls. With the Greenawn brand aluminum wall bracket for awning, you can safely mount the awning on the wall.

- The awning ceiling bracket is only suitable for wall mounted awnings rather than ceiling.

- The aluminum structure is designed to be durable and reliable; it does not bend or sag when holding a heavy awning.

- Made for the Greenawn brand awning, but compatible with most other brands of the same size awning (Specific conditions are determined according to size).

When the awning is damaged - find the source of the damage or problem

The fabric of the awning will be torn in bad weather. For example, when you encounter a storm, the fallen branches will tear the awning of the awning. After a major event, you need to check quickly to make sure everything on the terrace is intact. When you see the look of your home, is your awning lined up in a line that looks more uniform? Whether you need to adjust the height. If it is a retractable model, be sure to fully unfold it so that you can clearly see all the parts, including the bracket, the cloth cover, and the arm. When you extend the arms of the retractable awning, are they only partially open? Is the damage related to corroded or broken arm cables? Is the fabric covering torn at several locations or is there a lot of wear? If you answer "yes" to any of these three questions, you may need to replace the entire awning. If you need any awning parts like Aluminum Wall Bracket for Awning, please feel free to contact us!


Greenawn has earned a very good reputation in the world sunshade market. The R&D team constantly tests and researches the latest raw materials and innovative technologies to design more high quality awning products for awning customers. We supply complete set of retractable arm awning components, pergola parts, including retractable arm awnings, window drop arm awning, window vertical roller awnings, french awnings, roof awnings, retractable PVC roof pergola, adjustable louvered pergola and zip roller blind.




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