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Greenawn produce different kinds of ceiling bracket for awning and other brackets. There are aluminum ceiling brackets and steel ceiling brackets which can meet customers’ different price request.
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When you enjoy life under the awning in the yard, you need to worry about whether your wall mounting bracket is durable. If you can ensure that your awning stand is strong, reliable, and capable of performing tasks, you can reduce your worries and relax more. The Greenawn brand ceiling bracket for awning are suitable for retractable awnings and ensure that your awnings are safe and reliable. Many people have open-air courtyards, but there is no good place to install awnings on the walls. With the Greenawn brand ceiling awning, you can safely attach the awning to the ceiling or overhang.

- Ceiling bracket for awning allows you to hang the awning on the ceiling instead of the wall

- The steel structure is designed to be durable and reliable; it does not bend or sag when holding a heavy awning

- Made for the Greenawn brand awning, but compatible with most other brands of the same size awning (Specific conditions are determined according to size)


Typically, retractable patio awnings should be mounted on very tall walls. But if there are obstacles like luminaires on the wall or there is not enough height, you can use this special ceiling bracket for awning to mount the awning on the roof.

* Easy to install

* Color: white

* Suitable for: terraces or cantilever without walls


Greenawn produces different types of ceiling brackets for awnings and other brackets. Aluminum ceiling brackets and steel ceiling brackets are available to meet different price requirements. The aluminum ceiling bracket is extruded into a smooth edge. It is strong and durable and can be attached to the ceiling and walls. Greenawn has a dedicated research and design team that can produce any relevant part mold for you. If there are no items suitable for the awning, please contact us for further discussion.




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